Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The day to day longings.

I talked to Kricket on the phone this morning and we had a giddy fit discussing what's going on in our lives.
I've gone through stages where I loathe my phone and want rid of it, this is most certainly not one of those times.
And I've been laughing a lot more.
I've been going through vet wrap likes it's nothing and playing with gauze and iodine, been taking pictures of bloody horse flesh.
Everything is so good though.
My nanny children have been forgetting to call me "Miss Gussie" and calling me "Mom!"
I'm still protesting high school, don't worry that hasn't changed.
Although hot pink gel ink made for the most adorable homework last night.
The sunsets have been really pretty and this morning a pink and yellow sunrise kissed Maple Mountain's lips.
I'm going through another phase where coincidence litters my days and it's awfully fascinating.
I'm starting to get anxious for spring.
I haven't been so often on the backs of my ponies and it's getting to feel odd.
I'm aching for rope and sun burned hands and sweaty horse hides with the wind blowing my braid.
I was always in heaven even when I thought it was hell and even when my blood was boiling and my skin was red hot.
I keep having happy hearted flashbacks to branding on the ID.
I keep smiling at the thought of tents, sagebrush and old corrals, I can't wait for big circles to ride this year.
I think I'm a little bit in love with the horses and the land.
And it's all in divine timing.
We need to just relax and feel it.
Happy Tuesday dolls.

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