Sunday, April 24, 2016

Keep Living

There's a thousand things I wish for you and a thousand more I'd tell you.
If you were listening. 
The moon is awfully bright and smiling down on me tonight.
I wonder why our minds work the way they do.
And why our hearts can't fathom logic. 
I pray you don't live a pretty life.
I pray that you dont live a normal life, with the typical milestones and routine.
In the end the ones that never looked good on paper are the most majestic.
I pray that you feel fear and find strength.
And I hope there's a peice of your soul that's never at rest, that's longing for freedom.
I pray that you find a flower child in your veins.
There's few greater gifts than that. 
Keep running.
Keep moving.
Keep hiking.
Keep breathing.
Keep seeing and hearing and feeling.
Keep changing.
I pray you feel love, deep and true and painful. 
The kind that leaves fingerprints on your heart. 
I pray you live a life of reckless, beautiful chaos and learn how to tell your story.
After all, life was meant to be lived.
You weren't meant to merely exist. 
You were meant to live.
Keep living.
XoXo, Gussie