Friday, April 4, 2014

Porches, Kitchens and Saddle Shops

When I was little I remember thinking, I don't want to learn from my mistakes because that looks like it hurts.
From the get-go Mom has been the best friend, mother and the best place to go for advice.  And that is lucky, because unfortunately, I hear and see a lot of kids saying how much they dislike their parents and I can't really even imagine that.  So it was pretty handy to learn from her mistakes instead of mine.   When I thought that, the idea was to skate through life.  I would listen to all that Dad had to say concerning horses and then in doing so, I wouldn't have to learn the hard way.  I juiced Mom for what all the "right" things to do were, then I wouldn't be wrong.  I listened to grandpas on porches and grandmas in kitchens, I listened to horse trainers and cowboys in saddle shops, I listened to girls go on about boys thinking I would figure them out(I haven't) and I listened to my teachers.  I'm still listening.  I still have a lot to learn.  My misconception was that I thought if I listened and learned everything I could, I wouldn't get hurt, or screw up or have a moment of idiocy and embarrassment.  All of this advice that I've sucked in has helped me a lot and even though I haven't always followed it exactly, I wouldn't change my knowing it.  I just thought I wouldn't have to hurt.  That is a funny thing.  It doesn't matter that I heard and listened to all of this, I still get hurt, I still screw up and I'm still beating myself up for my cow-work at that show.  I mean I've talked to trainers, showers, cowboys and Dad (who can be all of those things at once) and they've told me how to do it right.  And I knew how to do it right, but it just didn't happen.
The thing is, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, mistakes will happen.  I mean after all the saying "We're only human." is spot on.  So I'm not trying to have a moment of profoundness, or give you advice.  Frankly, I feel weird when people ask me or I give people advice because I feel like I'm too young and inexperienced to be advising people on life.  All I really want you to get out of this is that advice is going to help you, but mistakes are still going to happen.
The next time you find yourself regretting something, remember that mistakes are for you to learn from not dwell on.  And I'm working on that too.

Have a lovely night!