Sunday, January 11, 2015

I've learned a lot in the saddle - still am.

I've learned a lot about myself there. I learned about pain and torn off fingernails, about blood.
I learned about the winning over and breaking of hearts.
About failure, triumph and success.
I learned how to turn my face from the dust and how to smile through exhaustion.
I found that guardian angels pull you out from beneath horses and that prairie dog holes come up fast.
I learned about winning and loosing and about how damned important it is to try.
I learned how to check horses' legs and get them supple. 
I learned how to stack my dallies thumb up, to build a loop fast and how to talk to the anxious ponies.
I learned how to be tough and have grit and saddle my horse as good as the boys.
I learned about force and pressure and delicate movements.
I learned a lot about souls, horses and my own.
I've learned a lot in the saddle - I still am.

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