Friday, January 16, 2015


The world kind of likes some off-kilter things. I have a few of my own. I, umm, I like hands. I think they are absolutely beautiful, especially when they are tanned and muscular. I love green eyes, actually I like all colors. The fire in them is what I love. It's just that one of those people with insane fire has green eyes so that's what I think of. I like the way people's foreheads crinkle when they are focused. And I like it when I see somebody touch the tip of their tongue to their upper lip right as they throw a heel trap. I love the way horses smell when the sweat creates a steam rising off their backs and the feeling of being cold in the morning as you jump the ponies in the trailer. I think a lot of little things get overlooked and sometimes they are the best parts. Like scars. They are simple and odd and I like to trace my fingertips over them as I ask you what it was that left that mark on your skin. Sometimes the little things are the prettiest things, at least I think so. You know, hands and fire and focus, horses and scars, they are rough and magnificent.

Loves, Gussie Lou

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