Wednesday, January 7, 2015

And so, like, yeah.

I became the girl I used to scoff at.
The one I made fun of in a high-pitched dumb barbie mimicking voice saying, "Daddy, he like, went out and just bought me a show horse, like, yeah." I'm not gonna lie, I was a pretty big snot about it.

This summer, my Daddy he like went out and bought me a show horse.
Turns out, there's a lot I didn't understand.

I got Frederick in June. She, yes she, is 5 and tests my patience day in and day out. She's had more off the wall injuries in the last 7 months than my Biscuit gelding has had in the last 2 years. She's also been the intended recipient of my middle finger too many times. Don't judge me for that until you have a horse that just pin-pricks all of your buttons and almost certainly laughs about it.

One thing you should know about her: she's a badass. And even though she drives me through the roof, she somehow makes me like her more.

"There's a lot more to riding a horse than just sitting the saddle and letting your feet hang down."

When I'd make fun of those girls I'd jokingly say "Now all she's gotta do is sit on him."

I've had a drastic mind changing in the last 7 months. I guess I wasn't realizing that even though Daddy went out and bought you a show horse you still have to be able to ride him and move him and keep him tuned. Keeping a horse tuned up is just, wow.

Here this little post is, winding down and all, I'm still not sure what the point was. Maybe everything isn't as simple as it seems. Maybe people are a little more than you ever gave them credit for.

Either way, I ride nice horses and I'm so grateful for that. They've probably shaped my future more than I'll ever know.

Showing Freddy.



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