Thursday, March 22, 2012

About us Keetch Girls

After some intense facebooking this afternoon and the two of us finding new blogs and reading some friend's awesome blogs, we have been inspired to start our own. So we thought we should share a little about ourselves to start off. We are always outside; roping, riding, taking the horses through the drive through at the gas station, taking the tractor for a spin (or sometimes to the car wash), wrecking wagons, getting the ranger stuck on the mountain, going for drives and CRANKING Adrian so we can sing our little hearts out to "Spanish Ranch Cowboy", and every other song she sings (we have learned that the louder the radio is the better we sound), and riding pens at the feedlot. Those are just a few that came to mind first, but there are many more! In general, Gus claims we are just out of control. 

A little about Gussie: - This is me now, Gussie. Well I go by Gussie but maybe more often than not, I'm called Gus. I've grown up ridin horses, I've been doin' it since before I can remember. So I guess that's a while since I'm 15. Through my life, I've been blessed with good horses and good opportunities. I've gotten to go to a lot of cool brandings and do a lot of cool shtuff. Also, despite the slang you've seen previously, I like to write, I guess I'm good at it or something :) I write cowboy poetry and was featured in the latest issue of the Ranch & Reata magazine. Something you maybe should know. I have a boot fetish. I have green ones, blue ones and pink ones. I wear a different pair depending on my outfit each day. I wear boots or my ropers, actually that's all I own! I'm a freshman at SFJHS, also known as The Cardboard Castle (no joke) and I get growled at by my english teacher pretty much everyday. :) Gotta keep life interesting somehow! - As if it isn't entertaining already! Well, that's a little blurb about me.. back to Kricket.

A little about Kricket: I have lots of nicknames! Most of them I won't share because I don't really want to continue them... but here are a few; Chet-chet, Gussie couldn't say my name for a while so I went by this for a few years but she still calls me that and she is the only one that can! Krick-rat, one of my friends growing up also couldn't say my name so she called me this, but dad liked it so much he has kept it going. Krick, this is what my family calls me most of the time. And there are lots more, I don't really know what it is about me that says "give me a nickname" but I sure end up with a lot! I love being out with the horses and roping and learning new fancy loops. I have a wild rag fetish, I absolutely LOVE them. I like fancy bits, and in order to be able to afford to have all the nice pairs of spurs I like I have started a virtual spur collection. I am a senior in high school and I am the president of my FFA chapter, I am excited to graduate this year, but I will definitely miss FFA! I enjoy making cinches and have made my own little business out of it, it has been really fun and I have learned a lot!

And about our family... We have been blessed with awesome parents who have always been willing to teach us and give us amazing opportunities. Our dad, Mike, is a saddle-maker and part-time machinist and has been the one to teach us everything we know about roping and riding! Our mom, Cindy, makes chaps and is always there to talk to us about boys and everything else we like to talk about!!! And we have a hilarious little bother, we mean brother! He is 9 and is always keeping us entertained with his latest inventions and the next funny thing he has to say!

Well that is probably more than you ever wanted to know about us! Thanks for reading!!!