Friday, December 26, 2014

The Inside Scoop

We disappeared for a spell. The entries were vague. The words I typed had been scribbled months ago and posted after the blood was dry.
I decided to be a little more present. A little more here if you will.
So I'm assuming it'd be helpful if I kind of gave you the run down of you know, our lives.


      Kricket is married.

      Whoa! Jump back!

      Yes, I know! It's still settling with me too.

She's like disgustingly in love...they both are. And it. Is. Adorable.
Their little story entails the kinds of things I personally lay on my bed dreaming about.
      Flowers delivered when you're sick. Adorable gestures and lovely compliments. Branding together for hells sake. 
The lovely groom, Will and Kricket are living in Wyoming and I get pictures of them feeding together almost daily and it melts my heart.

There's a little update for you.



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