Sunday, May 11, 2014

Without The Engraved Picture Frame

Writers feel deeply.
That is why they can take your darkest fear and tear it's guts out to let it lay in a rawness that you've been needing to see it in.
It's myth that those who feel deeply aren't tough. That myth couldn't be more opposite from the truth.
It is easy to hide feelings you don't have. But to feel and burn and bleed over something that you can never express is harder than hell.
It feels like raindrops, ones made of fire, are spitting down your neck and in your face. And they are screaming their name and crying out the pains of their own.
Writers can read your eyes and spill their tears as drops of ink.
They see the world without blinders. Without the engraved picture frame. The desert is a desert. They see all the ugly, disgraceful and painful pieces.
Writers are real. They are not people who wake up shining their own ray of sunshine. They step on boots and spur rowels in the night, and cuss. They look in the mirror at tangled hair and tired eyes. They cry and scream and curse a name into the thundering night.
When you read something that moves you, it moves you because it's real. Because real is life and life is real.
If I said, tomorrow you will wake up with the sun streaming in and birds singing on your windowsill. I'd be lying. Or you'd think I was Disney.
I guess that's just something on my mind. Something I've been thinking.
That doesn't mean if you don't write that you don't feel deeply. I think in some way everyone is scarred. And in some way, everyone expresses the feelings they can't say.
Sometimes it just seems that's easier to see in writers.

Have a good night everyone!

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