Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Bridle Horse Sun and A Buckin Horse Moon

A Buckin Horse Moon
Under a buckin horse moon somewhere laid a bronc stomper with dust on starched jeans and long fringed rodeo chaps.
Somewhere lying still beneath the same moon was a cowboy girl with dust on starched jeans and long fringed armitas.
The cowboy bounced from town to town running the rodeo trail.
He'd ride one here and there, get pitched off one only every once in a while.
Rodeo season and branding time came around alike, so while he was out covering rank ones, she was throwing lines in the smoke of a branding fire.
A bridle horse sun burned hot as summer rolled into view.
Broncs bucked hard beneath the bright lights for the cowboy, and cowhorses moved like silk beneath the cowboygirl.
After long, hot days below a bridle horse sun, along came a buckin horse moon and beneath it, the world seemed to mesh well.
So with all the forces working together like, romance and love began to unfold between the bronc stomper and the cowboy girl.
It went that for a time that the buckin horse moon was the only witness to this love.
Though one day, beneath a Santa Barbara bitted sun, the cowboy girl was seen in the stands twirling the rings on her fingers as the cowboy got down in the chutes.
Soon after, the sun became a witness to it all, though the moon had seen it first.
After a while and a good long talk, so it was, the true love that played out in the spotlight of the bridle horse sun and the bucking horse moon.
And sometimes you can still see them running beneath that glow.

Photo Credit: Kricket Keetch

I wrote this quite a while ago kind of in light of some friends that I really look up to! Found it in a stack of papers today, hope you liked it! :) (leave some feedback in the comments if you like! - we LOVE hearing from you all!!)
Have a great day!! <3 

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