Friday, July 12, 2013

When God Made The Cowboy

When God Made The Cowboy
I think that when the Lord made the cowboy He knew that He must give him a guardian angel. 
Thus the horse, God's most precious gift to the true cowboy.
He made the horse with watchful eyes, keen ears and instincts guided by God Himself.
He gave him sound hooves and unbelievable athletic ability.
He left the horse somewhat of a mystery to man.
Something with divinity and power. 
The Lord put a pure heart in his chest and mane flowing from his neck.
He whispered in each horse's ear, He told each one their duty to uphold.
One horse shall be a lesson the man, another an example of true love.
And I imagine the Lord said to them "Ride hard kids. Ride hard." 
And bid the buckin ponies good day, the ranch ponies and every horse a child would touch and blew a kiss to them as they loped into the life of an unexpectant cowboy. 

Off to a rodeo tonight and I hope ya'll are havin a wonderful day!!!
           Gussie Lou!


  1. Great poem! Love them ponies. They all teach us a lesson. Be they naught ponies or wonderful ones. They all have a place in the soul. And none will ever be forgotten. Even if we would like to forget a few! :)
    Have fun at the rodeo!