Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Boots and Spurs

Boots and spurs tapping to "Run Boys Run" 
Horses whispering to me and a breeze whipping through my windows.
Shades and a flat hat, a smile and lipstick.
Manes and braids flowing with the wind,
Flying away for the king of broken hearts to mend.
Highway and dust and the mountains smiling in their spring.
The wind that calls my name and the horses that dance in the wind's making dust,
They all run.
Running forever in my heart.
Where they will reign and keep calling me out to the desert.
Freedom's song sings to me, 
And there is no freedom like that of a horse.
Sweat band wet from the day before,
My body stiff and worn.
A pounding in my bones and blood rushing through my veins.
Meadows like old memories,
Horses like love at first sight.
God's hand in a cowboy's life.
My braid unravels in this wind like the roads that sprawl this map.
Boots and spurs tapping to "Run Boys Run" 


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