Monday, July 22, 2013

Range Horse

Range Horse

He believes in the Kinghood of a young boy and his legs hold the key to all travel.

He's a guardian angel and the occasional test run bronc.

He's a little cowboy's dream horse.

A range pony deluxe.

He stands with his ears set forward as the youngster flails aboard his back.

His mane is sparse and his gait is none of a western pleasure horse.

He's handled bulls, cows and calves and seen most ev'rything a horse can see.

To horse this boy is King.

To the boy, he rides a dream.

He was built to cover country, the boy was built to set upon his back.

There is no bluffing the pair.

Nor is there an interchangeable match. 

For God made horse for child and child for horse.

And The Lord bestowed trust in each of each other.

He's just an old range horse.

To him this boy is King.

xoxo Gussie Lou