Monday, May 15, 2017


He was round, black feet and a soggy back that didn't hold a saddle too well. 
Nothing special ya know, made mostly of heart and grit. 
Gray going white with a ratty mane and tail. 
I was 2 short legs kicking for all I was worth and a sleepy, little girl dozing in the saddle. 
He was my big gray home, my first home before the yellow one came along. 
His silky neck is where I draped my little arms to cry and he was the first horse I hung a bridle on. 
He was baby me's pen riding horse and on frosty mornings he'd still get a lil froggy.
He was a couple strands of tail hair that I rat-holed in my pocket and the first pony to give me a taste of dirt. 
I remember sitting atop a full packed pack saddle and riding down the mountain with just a lead rope trailed up to my hand. 
He was my first definition of "broke". 
He'd stand just a waiting for me to untangle myself and then trot in for another heel shot. 
I remember a steep mountain side and my little feet slipping and getting caught between his legs. 
Him just standing there stock still waiting for me to get up. 
Every now and then he'd be plum full of piss and vinegar but never when I was counting on him. 
He weaved me through nasty back country, across shell rock and ice, brush and high waters. 
He was the horse mommy trusted to send her baby girl out on. 
No, he couldn't spin a hole in the ground or run hard and fast, and he wasn't drop dead gorgeous, just a grade, gray horse. 
But he's why I'm where I am today and he's the first horse to carve himself into the creases of my heart. 
I got to be a careless little wanderer and never loosing faith, he was my guardian angel sent by God's grace. 
He had dark, soft eyes and they were the mirror I stared into and began my soul search. 
Our goodbye was the first in my chain of broken hearts, crocodile tears dripping and falling hard. 
They told me that I'd never forget my first love, I do believe they're right. 
I just heard last night that he's crossed the great divide, 
and I'll be happy to see his gray hide back in my string when I get to the other side. 

XoXo, Gussie 


  1. Every horse should be loved the way you loved the grey.
    Lovely words to memorialize him too.

  2. He became my riding horse as well. Always followed Duke and was sure footed under me, a novice rider. I truly miss him!!