Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Well she said... but she meant...

"She's high maintenance."  "Snot."  "Spoiled much?" 

We've all heard it (and said it) a time or two. There's a little misinterpretation of what cowboy girls say and what she actually means. I just thought I would clarify cause we all know that she's hard to read and nobody could really ever understand her anyhow. But here's a few pointers for ya.

What she says: I want to date somebody who is handier than me.
What we think: Wow a little cocky huh? Don't get a big head there toots...
What she means: I like to rope with the boys and I hold my own alright, but when it gets 'western' I want someone who can save my ass... so it'd be a real plus if he was handier than me. 

What she says: I've rode nice horses my whole life and that's the kind I like. Good colts are fun but the ignorant ones aren't worth my time. 
What we think: So either you can't handle them or you are just no fun. We didn't all get to grow up on expensive, broke horses like you there darlin.
What she means: I've rode lots of nice horses and I put a lotta time into the horses I ride and take pride in how they handle. Project horses are pretty fun but talent grows where potential is. And on a side note, I've spent my fair share of time on shitters. See this scar. And this one. Oh, hey I forgot about that one.

What she says: Don't touch my shit.
What we think: *sudden urge to mess with something then wisely decide not to* Hmmm, a little protective there huh?
What she means: Don't touch my shit. Stop touching my leg. Please for the love, stop undoing my back cinch. Don't take my bridle off. I hate you. If you keep this up I'm going to put ketchup in your coffee. Stop braiding my horses' mane. Don't touch my shit. P.S. This is not flirting Romeo. And no, you can't ride my horse. 

What she says: No thanks.
What we think: Live a little.
What she means: Stop asking me. No thanks. One more look and I am gonna show you the super badass ring on my middle finger. 

Sometimes your yellow horse decides to become a paint.

Xoxo, Gussie 


  1. Cowgirls never say what they mean, cause the cowboy never means what he says....

  2. Just found your blog and I'm really enjoying the rawness of the posts and really enjoying the photography, also. Foreman's daughter from west TX and southeastern NM - I can relate. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Sweet!! I try to keep it real! Also, glad to hear you been in the same spot!