Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rope Burns & Tragic Love Stories

I've been contemplating for the last month or so about buying a url and making this shindig legit.
But I've all but decided against it.

I have nothing to sell, nothing to prove and nothing to preach.
I'm just here in case you need me.
To say that I've been there and felt that shitty, or that high.

I'm just here to get a laugh out of you and maybe sometimes a tear.
To tell you about my love of red dirt music and a couple tragic love stories.

I don't need to tell you who to be, what makeup to wear or what ropes to use.
I'm not trying to get you to use the same splint boots as me or wear your hat in the same crease.

That's not my place, that's all you.

All I'm doing is telling a story and showing off pictures of my gnarly rope burns which isn't really showing off...I really gotta get to the horn faster.

We're just laughing about cheap liquor and drunk kisses. The kind you regret.
Having a laugh about bad judgement and immature choices.

I'm just talking about fire and wind and blood and love.
That's all.

There's no need for me to take this any farther or try to make a business out of talking to you.
I'll try not to screw it up, or take it too far or get too lost.

"Don't be eye candy, be soul food."

And with that, peace out friends.

XOXO, Gussie

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  1. hey Gussie, peace out back. And I'm with you about not needing to sell stuff, or sell out. Love your stuff. Even if I don't have a clue with a rope.