Saturday, December 26, 2015

Adios 2015

Well we're kissing another year goodbye!
Kinda wild what can happen in a year.
Who all we meet, say goodbye to or hold onto forever.
How much pain one year can hold.
And the piles of joy that it can spill on you.
The memories, oh the memories.

I'm letting some of my ugly past go; bidding some pieces adieu.
There's beauty that it showed me. Like how amazing the body heals and how tender some hearts can be.
But you can't cling to the harsh things that changed you.
I'm going to live a little more in the now.
I'm gonna stop telling some of those old stories cause they only make me miss a 'coulda been'.
Maybe stop wearing that sweater...doubtful.
Learn to pick the banjo. Find out whether I have the music in me or not.
Start listening a little more than I talk.
Laugh, even at the stupid jokes that always seem to get told to me.
I hope you find more happiness than you thought you ever could.
And I hope you hurt and grow and smile. Be tough.
Adios 2015

Xoxo, Gussie


  1. Girl you're amazing. Keep doing what you're doing. I love your writing so much.

    1. Thank you :) You're too sweet. I love all of the kind comments I receive!

  2. Love the photos and your writing style :) Happy New Year!