Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I wonder what all your dreams are at night. Do you have nightmares? Do you wake up sometimes in cold sheets wishing that the good ones were real? Tell me what you're scared of and all your aspirations. Whisper it all in the darkness. I wonder if you've ever been scared the way I have.
Do you handle failure well? Or does it haunt you? Is it the screeches you hear when the wind blows through the trees? Don't worry anymore, it's all faded now. We've all cried ourselves to sleep and whispered lingering wishes after the sun had fallen. I guess we handled it differently. Some just took to the bottle and let it wash through them like it might drown their fear. And some puked away the ugly thoughts, lived in pain.
Wake up darling the sun climbed the edge of the earth this morning and it smiled on your unique little face. You rolled over in your bed sheets and blinked your eyes, you licked your lips and drank your morning brew. Your lungs sucked in a deep, cold, fresh air breathe. You're alive. This isn't another cliche quote.
Whisper 'I love you' in the darkness tonight. Look at the stars. Let stupid romance slip you off your feet. Let your nightmares drive you to live your fantasies.


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  1. Great post as usual. Kind of ironic I just posted to my blog yesterday about one of my greatest failures.