Friday, February 27, 2015


I get tired of playing the part. We all want to be so strong. We all want to be the perfect role model. I am as guilty as anybody because I have this overpowering fear of being weak or of failing. I know better than to be fake, hell we all know better but we still do it. I've done it so much. My mind gets running head strong and I start believing myself. I get thinking that I need to be the most accomplished of my age; the most impressive.
Here's the thing though, perfection is overrated. 
I may be up in the night or whispering words that mean nothing in your ears. But for me, I've finally found that real is awesome.
My role models became my role models when I saw them with a zit on their face and they admitted that tears had known their cheeks all too well. Or when they told me that they used to be so dumb and they've learned so much. I have so much more hope for myself when I hear them say they used to throw trash shots in the branding pen and how unbroke their horses were compared to now.
You're good enough to be happy with what you are darlings.

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