Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter Chill

Winter Chill
The sleek coats have haired up, the lush green grass is left a stub and the sage’s fresh scent doesn’t float through the breeze anymore.
Dusty meadows have turned to plains of white and the vibrant trees are now gray skeletons shadowed by a milky sky. 
The cool clear water is now a frozen stream and the warm rays of the sun shine no more.
A coyote howls a lonesome call and the empty world lets it echo back to him.
Fires burn hot, deep into the night and lovers hold each other tight.
The new born foals are now part grown and these old fence posts hide behind layers of snow.
The barn creaks a sorrowful moan.
Wooden heeled boots crush sharp snow and wool caps frame shivering, red faces.
Chinks slap stiffly in the cold air and the rawness in the wind is haunting.
Frozen ornaments hang off the barbed wire and the winter chill can cut to the bone.
The sun now sinks low before supper time and on the cold, frozen ground of the morning, colts try to shed the bone-chilled saddle and cowboy.
The rodeos are over and the round ups are done.
The calves now stand shivering in the moonlight and the horses off to their sides.
Fire burns away the cold and coffee thaws the cowboy.
The winter gray is lurking and clouds coat the sky tonight, life cycles through and winter time opens the soul.

Winter has made it's way to us!!
Have a good one all!!!


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