Sunday, November 17, 2013

Just 3 Silver Rings Smiling From Sun and Wind Burnt Skin

They watched me say goodbye to so many pieces of my life.
They reflected the sun as well as my tears.
They've been worn so roughly by rawhide, horsehair and pain.
Blood has coated their edges, they've never been let to tarnish.
They've been heated and frozen and seen all manner of weather.
They've been watching as romance unfolds.
They've witnessed wounds dressed, they've weaved braids into cowboygirls' hair.
They've held hands with a sister, a brother and a friend.
But they are just silver.
They smile through the dust of the branding trap.
They've held close to cotton gloves, athletic tape, nylon, poly and grass.
They are the accomplice to nail polish, and they find no fear in the life I love.
They've covered country far and wide.
They've weaved in the manes of horses all over the west.
They kissed this country goodnight time and time again.
They know more than I can ever tell.
They and their secrets are are drifting off with me again.
They're just 3 silver rings smiling from sun and wind burnt skin.

Have a fantastic Sunday all!!! 


  1. I know I've probably told you before but you are an amazing writer!! I wish I had half the talent you have! I would love to know what you've done to become such a great writer or any tips you might have?

    Erin M.

    1. Thank you so much Erin!! So sweet of you!!
      I would say read! And I like to try to make my vocabulary as wide as possible! I think writing helps a ton too! Just about anything and everything! Also I try to see from the point of view that no one else does.
      Thanks again Erin :)