Thursday, April 4, 2013

God, I'm Just A Cowboy...

I'm Just A Cowboy

It’s a cover, a guard which I let no one nor animal break through. 

They say I’m rough and heartless, mean and unforgiving. 

I’ve been starched stiff by fate, the past and the world.

I’ve rode the rank ones and they’ve soured me to most everything gentle, the wild stuff is all I want, horses, cattle and women alike.

 I’ve gained an invincible mentality and I run at danger, a sickening grin on my face, just to see if I’ll survive. 

I’ve been torn by love and my body beaten, so the barbed wire curse I’ve strung around my heart and soul. 

Emotion and feeling I’ve left for the weak to dwell and stone is the likeness I’ve taken on. 

Broken ribs don’t cause pain, for pain is just a state of mind.

 Everything ill that falls upon me I believe I deserve and if God wanted me dead he’d get me that way. 

Those who come close to melting this metal I’ve made of myself, my instinct is to break their hearts because of fear. 

I live life as if I’m careless only for dread of loss.

 I try to shield myself from love for betrayal will torment my heart. 

I don’t want to be victim to emotion, to love. 

For I am a man and God has made me to be tough, but I do not grasp that God made me with tears as well. 

Any who come close, who’ve ridden my wild and threatening trail, who’ve clawed at my heart strings, I tear them down and batter them in worry that they may break me open and I fall apart, or in love.

I think not much of tenderness and the girl I love, her heart I’ll break, Lord help me for that girl’s sake.

 God, I’m just a cowboy, prone to many a mistake.

Happy day friends.



  1. Did you write this Gus??? If so, it's amazing! I really like it. Thank You for sharing :)

    1. Yes Amanda, I wrote this, and thank you!
      So glad you enjoyed it!


    2. Oh it's Absolutely Marvelous!!!!

  2. Ahhh I love love love this! And so true!