Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lost In A Fantasy

Lost In A Fantasy

It's a memory

It's a life

It doesn't exist but in my dreams

Sometimes this is what the best answer seems;

To be lost in a world of belly deep grass

Glossy horse hair

Frisky black calves

The refined silhouettes of colts

Old cedar corrals

A rickety old barn

Fields of green

Some of the most beautiful things ever seen.

Riatas hangin on adobe walls

Hackamores, mecates, spade bits and all

Remuda flowin in

The whisper of the prairie wind

The howl of a lonesome coyote and the stomp of a stud 

The nicker of a tot foal and the bawl of a calf

Riding through the days

The clear and the haze

A dusty road

A vibrant meadow

Racing swiftly through the green

It seems only to be a dream 

A fantasy 

A life unseen

A trance that overpowers your mind

If you don't keep up you'll be left behind

Spurs jangling

Faded sun lingering over the mountains tops

Thundering hooves

Vigor in my heart

Rope in hand

A good ol' horse

And lots of open land.

Luvs, Gussie

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