Monday, February 8, 2016

You've Got Rights

You've got rights to being a bad bitch.
You've earned those scars and the reputation you have, whether they be good or bad.
You gave up some hard earned salt water on those cheeks of yours and you let that red drip to the ground out of your veins.
You taught yourself to fly on wings with broken feathers.
And you did it with gumption.
You're tough.
Trust me.
I don't make a habit of telling lies.
I've been told far too many to do that to someone else.
So really trust me on this one.
There's a lot to learn when you get beat up.
And when you get hurt, deceived, lied to.
There's a lot to learn about trusting.
And you will trust the wrong person once or thirteen times.
But you're learning how to fight.
You're better than the liars who gave you those gnarly beauty marks you wear.
You're far better than the cowards who had the guts to cross you.
You've got the right to get bloody pissed.
There's gonna be some pretty smiles and they'll screw you over but you're better than that too.
Hold your head up and if it comes down to it, fight dirty.
You've got the right to be a bad bitch.

Xoxo, Gussie