Wednesday, March 2, 2016

To The Ones That Came Before Us

Here's to the ones who came before us.
The ones that taught our daddies to rope and ride the rough off rank ones.
Cowboys that saw the West in its raw.
Wearin six-guns in their belts.
Here's to the old boys ridin devious bastards tied hard and fast.
The ones who ran with "The Kid."
Here's to Tom and Bill and their canny knowledge of the horse.
The ones that took a rook under their wing and taught him the ways; the ones that took me in.
Here's to the ones who never thought they were as handy as they could be.
The ones who were always green in their own minds and wisdom hungry.
To the ones who never quit.
The ones that cried and bled and sweat.
Here's to the ones that held a baby's hand toddling to the corrals.
The ones who made careful that their honey's horse was broke.
The ones always lookin out for each other.
Here's to the legends that set the standard for the cowboy.
The legends with soft eyes and gentle spirits.
The ones who gave us a respectable reputation to uphold.
And last of all, here's to the horses.
The buckers, the gentle giants, the snaky souls and the ones who stole and hold our hearts. Here's to the ones who came before us.

Xoxo, Gussie

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