Monday, June 30, 2014

The way the clouds kiss the sun goodnight..

I like the way the clouds kiss the sun goodnight and how they knead and fold over each other.
I like the smell of salty horse sweat, the kind that sticks to your skin and I like the way manes wave like a queen's hand, just as fitting as royalty.
The way the sun glares at my skin feels good.
I like my black leather jacket that hugs me at night and I love my spur's song.
I love the way a horse's breathe beats against the wind harmonizing with each foot fall.
I like the feel of tight broken in boots and the rocking of a loping horse.
I like it when my lips are painted and my face is covered in dirt.
I like the thrill of everything.
I like the thrill of horses moving beneath me and I like throwing my saddle over a big horse's back.
I like their oily hides greasing up my finger tips and their dark, secret holding eyes.
I liked it when you were around, I think I like it better now that you're not tho.
You were good at being bad for me, and I loved it.
I like memories and dreams.
I like horses lungs inhaling and exhaling in the same rhythm as mine and I love the way the deep blue sky kisses the moon good morning.

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