Thursday, March 6, 2014

At 3:30 in the Morning

Before I throw this poem out here, I want to give a little bit of background information. I wrote this while Kricket was working in Colorado. I knew it was going to be hard letting my sissy go, and everyone kept saying it wasn't as hard as I had it imagined...but I thought it was harder! So here is what came out when I spilled my guts on a paper last October.

At 3:30 in the Morning
I miss just the two of us in the truck, flying down the freeway at 3:30 in the morning. 
I feel lost in the driver's seat without you to my right.
The truck feels empty on the way to a rodeo.
The truck feels empty on the way to anywhere.
The tack room feels off without your saddle on the rack.
I don't feel right walking anywhere being just one of the two of a kind.
I feel like my other half has dissolved and I just keep wishing it would reappear. 
There's one less coffee cup since you've gone.
One less saddle, one less hackamore, one less braid and one less heart.
Mine's just here wishing for you.
My hat sets lonely on the hat rack, my ragged old boots have lost their accomplice on the mud room floor.
Your horse is nickering for you from where he stands in the pasture, wondering just where you've run off to. 
But you've gone to where I always talk about; to ranker horses and different country.
Drifting on the breeze just like the old time cowgirls did.
So I whisper "Goodnight, sis." to the darkness knowing that you're doing the same and wishing we were in a beaten old truck, flying down the freeway at 3:30 in the morning.

Loves, Gussie <3


  1. That's very sweet. I can only imagine how hard it must have been. My sissy is 10 years older than me, so we've never been as close as you guys are. But I still remember the day she left for college. I was 8 and I thought the world would literally stop turning without her there every day.