Thursday, October 10, 2013

I'll see you in my heart...on my hands and in the mane of horses.....

I quit trying to wipe the mascara runs from my eyes.
I quit trying to pretend that I don't cry.
I quit trying not to sniff my nose when I think about her.
Cause I just miss her.
I know she loves being a horseback and my heart smiles to see her face and her hands holding mecates and ropes.
But my lonesome heart misses her.
Every time I throw my saddle on one I can't help but feel like she should be there, that she should be throwin her saddle over a horse tied just right there
Every time I put a ropin glove on, I will remember her rope burned hands and every time I run my fingers over the grooves of my saddle horn I'll remember her and all the horn wraps she's worn.
When that song comes on the radio.
When I want to say something I shouldn't.
When I need a mentor, she won't be right there.
She followed her dreams and I'm followin mine.
I'll see you.
I'll see you in my heart, on my hands, in the mane of my horse, in the reflection of my mirror.
Because someone once said "Are you girls twins?"

Missing my sissy!!!!

Have a great day all!!! <3

~Gussie Lou

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