Friday, May 31, 2013

Branding Trap

Branding Trap

It's an essence, a feeling.
Of happiness, of love.
Of belonging.
It's like going home.
It's the gathering place of the Lord,
The gathering place of friends.
Where love is found,
And where love never ends.
We ride the sulky ponies,
We ride the rank ones too.
We ride the old broke bridle horses, 
Our smiles shimmer in the happiness of our hearts.
We kiss in this dust,
We cuss in this dust, 
And we rope the soggy calves.
It's where you know you're meant.
Where God intended you, 
Where when He made you He said "Set them there. Among the sagebrush and the horses. There, in the dusty branding trap. Coughing in the branding iron smoke and the dusty desert dirt with giddy souls."
Then God smiled upon the cowboys and the cowboygirls.
And our hearts still long for the branding trap.

xoxo Gussie and Kricket

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