Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daddy ~ and Beauty in Everything

Lord, as I bow my head to pray
I have just a couple things to say.
God, I just wanna thank ya for Daddy,
cuz honestly he's taught me a lot about me.
He taught me that givin up is never an option,
and don't let a horse know you're scared, even if ya have to bluff 'im.
Lord, his life teaches me a lot about mine,
and I enjoy his rodeo stories every time.
Thanks for giving him patience and laughter,
even when it takes me forever to figure something out when he's told me after and after.
So, thanks Lord for the work he does for me,
and Lord, I ask thee to help me to look to him more appreciatively.

Thanks Dad for being a good example and somebody to look up to :)
Happy Father's Day to all daddies and to my daddy!

Well obviously, me and Krick have been a wee bit slow at gettin back to this blog posting stuff.
We had a sorta busy week... BUT we got to do some awesome fun cowboy work this week too! As much as I kinda like my bed in the morning, I love getting up before the sun and seeing it as it rises above the mountain tops, and better yet, seeing it rise between little, foxy, cowhorse ears. There's not too much like it. About 4 is beautiful :) but beauty is everywhere God is and well..the world is beautiful :)

I believe cowboys and cowboy-girls (term picked up from Liz =) ) have a front row seat to the creations and work of God. To see little colts stand up on lengthy, wobbly legs, watch baby black calves suckling, to ride a bridle horse that moves like silk, to be able to sit on a knoll looking out at the dust and brush and calves and momma cows and see God dabbing his rope on each and every thing, even to ride a horse that bucks like a tornado twister and understand God's touch on him..he couldn't buck so good if God didn't give him strong legs and agility. I believe God is in everything, a man just has to recognize it, even though sometimes we tend to overlook it because the bad looks so rough.

Buckaroos and buckaroogirls, life is full of God. Indulge. :)

Goodnight now! :)
*~Gussie Lou~*

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer? I think yes

So the other night I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep and I was thinking about summer, yes I know this is kinda random, but I decided to come up with a list of my favorite things about it. Some things are just about life in general, but here's what I came up with!

Big hats
A sweet new pair of sunglasses
White legs'cause you never wear shorts
A new horn wrap
An awesome sister/duet partner
Windows down
A drive up the canyon
Putting your feet in the creek
A good horse
Painted nails
Rope burns
No more school
Friends and new friends
Sneaking out for a late-night ice cream treat
No serious injuries yet
A campfire
Patching your favorite pair of jeans...Again!
Being told you drive like Helen Keller
Drink run!
A good cowboy to B.S. with
A long rope
A good dummy roping competition
Going to the ranch

Obviously there are some stories behind these... but I will save those for later.
P.S. I am normally a wonderful driver, and if everyone was as great of a driver as me, this world would be a better place :)

 Hope you enjoy! What are your favorite things about summer/life?

- Krick

Gus ~ I completely agree with Kricket's list. . . but ;) I got a list too!

silky smooth horse hides
screaming to the stereo
talkin about cowboys- saddle bronc riders. . . our favorite! ;)
~The things we say : hehe
  Me talking to Kricket about somebody. . . "I hate him, because I love him, I hate him, because he's perfect." ;)
  Kricket: "Boys are so dumb."  Me: "Yeah, but they're cute!"
not doing my hair cause I wear my hat!
ropers and boots only
spurs very rarely coming off my boots
cowboys roping in the back yard
dust and ropes galore
lots of things to remind me of God
good things to write about!
interesting horse wrecks to be told of
big earrings, bigger hats, tall boots, taller tales
phone always on loud so that I can hear my "Boots & Boys" ringtone :)
drink runs at 11:00
tank tops
sunburns and tanlines? ;0
buckaroo boys!!!
waking up at 3:00 am to drive 2 1/2 hours to help gather in Lonetree
No school = more time with the ponies!
rope burns
painted fingernails
burned horn wraps
laughing until we fell down and cried
hand cramps from writing down starts to what someday may be a great poem
getting schooled by dad while roping and riding
old jeans
putting dad's old bronc saddle on Ted the donkey and the brindle heifer
late nights and chick flicks
long talks and Santa Barbara bits
singing Adrian songs loud and clear
listening to cowboy music all the time because it's good :)
more stories to tell!!
talking saddles with dad in the saddle shop
playing with Cash the new little pointer dog
splashing in the irrigation water
updating the blog!
loping on good lil palomino horses
updating the blog when my sis comes and sits real close to me and starts a sentence with "So. . ." hehe  here we go with a boy story!
just having fun because we can
Dirt and rust, cowboys and dust, horses and trust
 Have yourself some outstanding memories made this summer, and have fun!!! :) That's just the best way to do it!
<3 See ya girlies!
~Gussie Lou Lou