Monday, April 23, 2012

Branding Baby! :)

This is me - Gussie!
Branding! Yeah baby!! Best time a the year.

Had a super duper fun time and some good entertainment, such as:
Jed ridin a buckin horse but still dallied up! He stuck him tho! Yay Jed!
 Sorrely got pretty high up there! :)
I had somewhat of a little wreck, I'm not very handy and it bums me out a little. That being said, every little wreck just teaches you something new and makes you that much smarter and handier! So I'm thankful that nobody got hurt and more lessons learned! :) The lil pally horse, Biscuit, was great most the time! Held the little (actually BIG) calves good and never caused a fuss! So happy dad lets me ride such nice horses. Thanks Daddy! 
Super tons of fun! And even though I didn't catch too many, I threw lots of shots. So Adrian and Liz!! I threw some for you!! ;) I was also singing "Cinderella", "Damn Rodeo Men", "Spanish Ranch Cowboy" (one of mine and Krick's favorites! Although we'd probly make Adrian cry if she heard us sing it hehe) and a lot of other awesome songs sung by Adrian during the branding!

Loved it! We had a blast. Between the guys throwing calf nuts at the girls and then the girls threatening to give the guys shots if they didn't stop. Yes, we had bushels of fun!! 

Oh and Jesse wanted to take it off her bucket list to castrate a calf, also to threaten her husband, after she had done a couple, she cut her finger... 4 stitches later and she was back at the branding! Tough girl! :) 

Gooood news! We finally have a picture of my pretty sis, Kricket and me together! :)  

Thank God for horses, family, friends and lil' calves to brand.
Thank God for cowboys and cowgirls and open land. 

CUTEST lil cowboys there today! ;) Landon, 3 years, was runnin around askin "Are you finkin what I'm finkin?" Cutie! <3 And his brother, Luke, around 8 years ish, playin with Zane and bein a handy lil buckaroo! 
So in honor of Landon, Zane and Luke, I'm gonna share this poem.

Lil’ Buckaroo
Big flat hat smashed down hidin’ a mischievous smile.
Blue Ariat boots with spurs a jinglin’ all the while.
Crisp Cinch jeans and a red cowboy shirt.
Them buckaroo girls start to flirt.
Navajo pad and a square skirted saddle.
On a big palomino paint just movin’ the cattle.

Somewhat random, but something I want to say. Reading, it's a good thing. I walk down the halls at school and hear people, and some of my friends, whining about how much they hate english and reading. Well, reading is something I enjoy. I will say this tho, if it isn't a book I want to read, so basically if it's not a cowboy ish book, I have a lot harder time being driven to read it. I like to read because I like to keep my brain on its toes, and it makes for a wider vocabulary and more knowledge! We can all use a little more knowledge, am I right I want to learn as much as I can and being that I write poems, I want to always be learning new words, phrases and such so that my poems are different and unique. Just like me! :) Although I like to read, that does NOT mean big sis Kricket does! She strongly dislikes it in fact! She hasn't read a book in probly 3 years! Instead she packs "All The Pretty Horses" to school daily and watches the movie the night before the presentation! Shhhh don't tell nobody! Hehe
RECOMMENDATION: "All The Pretty Horses" is an amazing book and movie! The movie is based off of a novel written by Cormac McCarthy. Outstanding! Blevins, one of my favorite characters is hilarious. Just watch it k!!!

Krick is on an FFA trip. So safety to her and friends, and this be it from me!
Bye bye buckaroos and buckarettes for now! 
~Gussie Lou!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Everyone Wants to be Someone

So since this week has been pretty low key, not too exciting so far we thought we would let you see what we've been up to with our hobbies...

BUT the best part of the week is yet to come, the weekend! And this weekend is not just an ordinary weekend, it is a very special one, we got our first BRANDING invitation of the year!!! YESS!!! I think that is the thing I get the most excited about, I've almost literally been bouncing off the walls since dad texted me last night (yes, he can text, slow but sure) to tell me! 

These are the last few cinches I have made...

You don't have any idea how long it just took me to get those pictures lined up... I'll get used to how this whole thing works sometime! We will be sure to post pictures from the branding! Hopefully we will have some pictures of the two of us together to post on here at some point, the other day Gus says to our mom, "Mom, how come, in the 15 years me and Kricket have lived together, do we not have any pictures of us together that look like we like each other?!" Mom laughed, and I said, "Oh, probably cuz we didn't like each other until like a year ago!" It was funny at the moment..
Anyways... Gussie has a poem and her own little blurb she wants to share! ENJOY!

Gussie here -
So today Dad sharpened my two favorite knives! Wahoo! Who can't use a sharp knife? Especially during branding season!
Basically my day wouldn't ever happen if it weren't for coffee. Alarm clock starts screaming Adrian at whatever time I'm supposed to roll out of bed then it's straight to the coffee pot... then is when I start thinkin about functioning properly. So here's to coffee!
So some things that are very enjoyable and funny:
-Roping each other with mini dummy ropes, 2 of us on scooters and 1 on the ground... until we broke one of the scooters.
-Dad sitting on the porch singing songs like: Spin That Pony, Washed In The Blood, Old Red, Ride an Old Paint, I'll Fly Away, Talkin' Bronc Ballet Blues, Little Joe The Wrangler and any other cowboy songs and hymns.
-When we have a couch, a love seat and two chairs in the room to watch a movie, but me and Krick end up piled onto one or two cushions. Haha.
-My delicious fresh biscuits.
-Kricket and I riding the horses around bareback... me loping bareback and then being proud of myself that I didn't fall off like a gunsel... and just so everyone knows, my horse made a NICE stop!! ;)
-While looking through pictures Kricket and me said the same thing at the same time with the same tone! Haha.

Just some things/ quotes I guess.
"My built in attitude adjustment is my horse."
"Despite the stupid things I say, I'm actually very intelligent." Haha - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

Now I'm gonna share ya one of my latest poems. Tell me what you think!! Feedback is always good! :)

Before This Ride
I bow my head and take off my hat,
I’ve made some good rides and I thank You, God, for that.
I thank You Lord for strong arms and workin’ legs.
I thank You for carryin’ me through each and every day.
God, thanks for horses and broncs,
and I ask Thee Lord, keep me outta them honky-tonks.
Thank Ya Lord for rodeos and dust,
and thanks for arenas and chutes that I drive away from at dusk.
Lord, thank You for my saddle and rein,
and for givin’ a disgrace like me a cowboy's name.
I don’t ask to pull 80 points.
I just ask, Lord, don’t let this ride be hard on my joints.
Christ, thanks for the grass that keeps my ponies fat, 
and safety for all the cowboys here beneath their hats. 
Savior, bless my horse that he’ll buck good,
and keep all the ponies here healthy if Ya could.
So here I am Lord, before this ride.
I thank You for all the broncs and cowboys that’ve died.
So, Lord before this ride, I just ask Ya if You would stay by my side and be my pick up man in case I died.    

~ When I ride a bronc, you can bet I'll say this prayer before they pull the gate! Just give me a summer or two and I'll get 'er done! :)

Hasta Luego! :) --Gussie

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lady Bronc Stompers

So I'm on a Lady Bronc Riders kick and I would like to share a few I read about today!
One of mine and Gussie's goals this summer is to ride a stock saddle bronc or two :)

Lulu Bell Parr

Home State: Ohio

Lulu Bell Parr, an independent and spirited wild west performer thrilled audiences all across the world during her reign as the “Champion Lady Bucking Horse Rider of the World.” She rode in some of the most famous Wild West shows of the last century. 

Lulu was born on November 14, 1876 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Lulu's parents divorced when she was a young girl and her father took her west with him. When Lulu was 16, she returned to Steubenville, OH, to live with her mother. There she married George Barrett in March 1896 but divorced him in May 1902. From there her wild west adventure begins. 

She joined the Pawnee Bill Wild West Show in 1903 and remained with them until 1907. She became famous for her bronc riding skills but demonstrated other talents such as trick riding, sharp shooting and buffalo riding. In 1908, she joined the Col. F.T. Cummings-Brighten Tour for a European trip. While touring in England, she performed for King Edward VII. Back in the United States, she performed with the joint Pawnee Bill/Buffalo Bill Show and stayed with them until 1913. She also performed with the Miller Brothers' 101 Ranch Wild West Show during that time. 

After the 1913 season, Lulu traveled to South America with the 101 Ranch and the Pawnee Bill/Buffalo Bill troupes. Argentina proved quite successful for Lulu. Her performance in Buenos Aires was publicized as highly as an opera singer would be. It is reported that Argentine president Jose Figueroa Alcorta “showered” Lulu with gifts for her outstanding debut. She toured the United States and Europe again with the 101 Ranch troupe but by that time most wild west show performers had died, retired or found new careers in film. 

When most of the larger shows broke up, Lulu found smaller shows that at times could barely pay for traveling expenses. She toured with the Cook Brother's Texas Ranch 99, Vern's Tex-Mex Show, Tantlinger's Wild West and King Brother's Rodeo. She also performed with circuses such as Wortham's World's Greatest Show, Sells-Floto Circus, Barnum-Bailey, Robbins Brothers Circus and Hagenbeck-Wallace Show. Lulu did not retire until she was in her 60s. 

During her reign as “Champion Lady Bucking Horse Rider of the World,” Lulu received top billing for performances and she was known for her flamboyant outfits, often the creations of Lulu herself. She received numerous injuries during her career but kept going. It was once reported her horse made a sharp turn and fell on its side during a show, pinning her to the ground before she was able to get out of the saddle. Knocked unconscious, Lulu's physician said her injuries would prevent her from riding for a few weeks. Thirty minutes later, she was riding in the classic quadrille while fans cheered her on. Her independent nature and thirst for excitement even influenced how she traveled. Upon returning home from a European tour, she rode horse back for approximately 600 miles to Ohio from Pennsylvania to visit relatives. When asked why such a long trip on horseback, she simply said she and her pony were tired of the steam trains. 

Lulu died on January 17, 1955 in Ohio while living with relatives. Among her prized possessions was a 5” barrel, nickel and gold plated 45 Colt revolver engraved “Buffalo Bill Cody to Lulu Parr - 1911.” The Medway Area Historical Society in Medway, Ohio began uncovering Lulu's significant history upon finding out she was buried in an unmarked grave in the Medway Cemetery. With tremendous public and private support, they were able to erect a five-foot monument including Lulu's picture marking her resting place. She possessed great determination and fortitude and is a prime example of a true cowgirl. 
(This story is not mine, credit:

Ruth Roach Salmon

Ruth ran away from home to join the 101 Ranch Wild West Show as a trick rider. Her contest debut came at the 1917 Fort Worth Roundup, America's first indoor rodeo, as a bronc rider. Dubbed the "soft-spoken, rough-riding golden girl of the West," she wore trademark giant hair bows and boots hand-tooled with hearts. She is remembered for trick riding up the steps, across the lobby and through the dining room of Fort Worth's Texas Hotel.
Ruth Salmon, world champion rodeo performer, had a 24-year career that began in 1914 and ended in 1938, when she retired from the rodeo and started a ranching business in Nocona, Texas, with her husband, Fred Salmon. She is an inductee in the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame and the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and traveled the world with the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show and The 101 Real Wild West Show. Bronc riding was her favorite event, although she performed and won championship titles in other areas (as Ruth Roach). During her career she won the titles of World's Champion All Around Cowgirl, World's Champion Trick Rider, and World's Champion Girl Bronc Rider.

Hope you enjoyed these stories as much as I did, these ladies were truly amazing!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our Weekend...

Just a glimpse into our weekend... Last night we took a little drive with our dear friend Nicole, we sang as loud as we could and recorded our beautiful singing, I learned I wasn't as great of a singer as I thought I was when we listened to them later, dang the luck! haha (Good thing I wasn't planning on quitting my day job!)
Today we got up and filled a stall with about 12 inches of gravel! That was a long 3 hours of shoveling!!! But we did have some good tunes! Work is much more fun when you have some sassy songs to sing along to! Matraca Berg's "Back in the Saddle" is a good one, and of course some Adrian! After we got some lunch, mom wanted us to go to the grocery store with her. So we're driving down main street, and this place has "Life's a Garden, Dig It" on their sign, always a nice reminder from our good friend Joe Dirt to have some fun and 'dig' your life!!! That is one of my favorite quotes so we thought it was pretty funny!
Oh and the highlight of the week... $8 windbreakers at Cal Ranch! Yeah, who can't use another good windbreaker?!
~ Kricket

This is Gus now.
So blisters, yeah they're fun. Not! Ha But seriously, sometimes it feels good just to work. It's better than sittin' on your butt and not gettin' a dang thing done. Also, we got us a pretty good start on the barn..and if the barn is done, that means we is takin' ourselves a trip to The Californios!!!! Wahoo! :) And who wouldn't shovel gravel to go to the Californios?!? Haha It's been a good spring break, not excited to go back to school, but that's normal! Got lots a good poem starts in! Yeah buddy! 
So also, somethin' that may make you laugh...
- I walked into the house earlier this week to find our 9 year old lil' brother teaching the neighbor girl, Quincey, how to play 21. They had the poker chips out and everything! Get 'em started young! Haha 
(p.s. this is a little note from Krick, if we get to go to the Californios someone might get to go bit shopping for graduation!!!! :) YESSSS!) 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just another story of a BRILLIANT idea ;)

Gussie ~
First of all. I want to thank Brenn Hill, Dave Stamey, ADRIAN and Trinity Seely!!!! You make the best soundtracks to mine and Kricket's life! Often you will hear Spanish Ranch Cowboy blaring in Kricket's Ranger before you actually see us coming! Haha

In honor of some of THE dumbest things me and Kricket have done together, I want to take a little time and share you a story :)
Summer of 2011, me and Kricket are outside, supposed to be doing chores and whatnot, when suddenly a genius idea strikes. First, we're thinkin' we'll get Zane's old pedal tractor and hook that baby up behind the horse, and let the fun handle it from there. So we haul ol' Johnny Deere out there and soon as we get it in the arena the back wheel pops off. Well that broke some high spirits that didn't quite regain until we saw the old Red Flyer wagon... Then's about when our second most brilliant idea hit home. So we embarked on the challenge of getting the wagon out of our piled mess. Finally, we got 'er outta there and I started fishin a rope around the front axle so we could pull the thing while Kricket saddled up good ol' Pally Paint. Once we were both done with our jobs in making this idea possible, I drug the wagon into the arena, Kricket rode the horse in, I handed her the rope and hopped into the wagon and prepared for memories to be made. Kricket piled some dallies and started walkin off. Well if you know me, a walk? Really? I don't think so. Lets punch some fun into this baby. So I told Krick to kick ol' Paint into a trot. That was pretty fun, but a lope, well that sounded down right stupid. So, I told Kricket to put the horse in a lope :) Off we went! Me in tow laughing my guts out, Zane sittin' on the fence gettin a pretty good ab workout himself and Krick, well I don't really know. I assume she was laughing, maybe crying at our sheer stupidity but at the moment I'm uncertain about her state. Anyhow, we're flyin around the arena (which for the story, you must know the arena, well it really isn't that big) and we start leakin' closer and closer to the fence, and I start gettin worrieder and worrieder. We came flying around turn 3, I have to take my hands off the sides for fear of loosing fingers and then I proceed to yell the word "FENCE!!!!" dramatically. "And they're rounding turn 4. Look at how close they are to the fence, they gotta be gettin nervous now." We skimmed the fence, almost hit a feed barrel and made turn 4. On the straight after turn 4, we hit some troubles. We were so close to hittin the fence, which was now a gate, that I again started screaming, louder this time, "Kricket!! FENCE!!! FENCE!!! FENCE!!!!!" Then...BOOM!!! CLASH!!! or whatever the sound of a metal wagon hitting a metal gate sounds like. The wagon rolled, me with it and I had a dirt salad for lunch. Kricket hearing the clash instantly popped her dallies and proceeded to get that big horse to stop. When she turned pally around this is what she saw. Shattered plastic flung everywhere. Me piled up. The wagon somewhere. But... when she saw me, her stomach twisted. Cause my leg was kinda settin funny there in the dirt. And I was kinda bouncin in the dirt. Maybe a laugh..maybe a cry. Krick comes runnin over and I look up at her with dirt plastering my face and a grin so big I couldn't reenact it. Haha! I was just fine. We were all just fine.. except for serious stomach soreness from laughing.. oh and the wagon, he didn't make it through the operation. Hahahaha good times :) 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Excited For Summertime To Come!!!

It's me, Gussie...

My dad makes custom saddles and my mom makes custom chaps, chinks, armitas, shotguns, batwings, oh and pillows and purses, basically anything you can sew and make out of leather, she's made it. Because of those outstanding talents, I have spent 3 days almost every year at the Heber City Cowboy Poetry Gathering, in my parents booth. As you can imagine, as a kid being there from 8 in the morning until 10 sometimes 11 or 12 at night gets to be a long, boring day. So I got the lovely opportunity to go watch different cowboy singers and poets perform in the open auditorium. That right there and the fact that my dad is good with the words, are probably the main reasons why I write poetry.
So since I've told ya that, I'm going to share one of my latest poems...hope ya enjoy it!

Summertime Fun
Sun burns and calluses, 
tank tops and gold horses.
Makeup and sweat,
dusty air and a horse's threat.
Throwin' hay and measuring grain,
yellin' and callin' each horse by name.
My hair all piled up,
jumpin up in the back of the truck.
Hard hooves and bridle bits, 
the smell of sage and my caballo's fits.
Dirt and grit in my teeth,
cracked hands and bein' dumped in a heap.
He may be a hard bucker,
but I sure ain't a crier.
Pink sunsets and green grass,
if your horse catches ya in a daze he'll pile your ass.
Big black calves and a stout quarter horse, 
brandin' iron and burn all them Nord Forks.
Head lil' bally, 
Zane'll come in and grab a dally.
Riatas and Poly's,
rope burns and good stacked dallies.
Tony Lama boots and Sunbody hats,
King ropes and custom made chaps.
Loose wild rags and a light breeze,
flower in my hat and tight Cruel Girl jeans. 
Sit in the dust next to the feed barrel,
watch ol' pally walk to me in dirt freshly harrowed. 
Wearin' a Classic ropin' glove, 
it'll stand up to any cow's tug. 
Takin' advantage of this time to do somethin' dumb,
cause ain't summer a time to have a whole bunch of fun?