Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Breathe Deep And Full And Fall Into Your Dreams. . .

Breathe deep and full and let the beautiful things sweep you.
Let the little colt's nicker echo in your ear and let the Christmas lights gleam in your eyes.
Smell hot coffee in the pot and let a shining fresh coat of red nail polish sparkle on your nails.
Let your cheeks glow rosy red and silver rings glimmer on your fingers.
Feel the rush of warm air on your face when you step in from the blowing cold.
Smile big and shamelessly and pull out your favorite wild rag.
Pull your hats down low and flip your collars up to shelter your neck.
Put ornaments on the Christmas tree and don't whine when the pine needles poke you.
Squeeze your hand up beneath your saddle pad and let the heat of your horse thaw it out again.
Listen to horses whinny and snort and let it be the music that it truly is and burrow deep into a denim quilt.
Fall deep into your dreams and let them wisp you away to a land of horses and colts and green grass and ropes. . .

~Gussie Lou

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