Friday, November 23, 2012

B is for: Boots, Braids and Big Loops Blog!!!

A is for: Adrian Buckaroogirl, All The Pretty Horses and Armitas
B is for: Buckaroos, Bits, Bridles, Boots, Books, Braids, Buckaroo Barbie's and Buckin Horses
C is for: Conchos, Chaps, Curls and Cute, Crazy Calves 
D is for: Dave Stamey, Dallies and Dust
E is for: Evanston (closest big town to our FAVORITE place!) and green Eyes
F is for: Fires and Fun (Which by the way, go hand in hand) and Fancy Loops, oh yeah and Flowers
G is for: Gray Horses <3
H is for: Hats and Hotels and Hackamores
I is for: Irons - hot branding irons
J is for: Jingling Spurs and Jesus
K is for: Kicka$$ and Kisses
L is for: Love, Lipstick, Leather and Lonesome Dove
M is for: Mule Hide, Moccasins and Mirrors
N is for: Nylon Ropes and Nevada
O is for: Open Spaces
P is for: Palominos and Pearls!
Q is for: Quarter Horses
R is for: Riatas, Red, Ranches, Ropes and Rotten SOB's
S is for: Santa Barbara Bits, Spurs, Silver, Spook, Spade, Saddles, Sissies and Smiles
T is for: Talking...lots... Tall Tales and Trailers
U is for: Understanding and Unbroke caballos
V is for: Big, Pretty Valleys and old time Vaqueros
W if for: Will James, Wyoming, Wild Rags and White pearl snapped shirts
X is for: "Xquisite" and "Xcellent!"
Y is for: Yellow Sunflowers and the poor Yuppies 
Z is for: Zebra Striped Duns

The Buckaroo Alphabet... Or at least the one Krick and I made up :) and some minor help from little Zane. 

Gussie and Kricket (-yes KRICKET!!!!)

Ooh Ooh and P.S. Funny Quote:
"You have to slay a few dragons to find the prince."
      ~A seemingly wise teenage buckaroo boy.

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