Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I sit in a desk and daydream about wild horses and rank broncs. I dream about green grass waving in the wind, a horse's mane tangled and curly, and a snort from a colt whistling in frosty air. I can hear stirrup leathers flapping while a young filly has her morning fit. I can see chattering teeth smiling despite the bizzardy wind, sheer joy in a man's face, completely content a-horseback. A melancholy feeling surrounds me and my heart aches. And my hands just want my horse's mane through my fingers. Cowboy's voices laugh and shout in my mind and a chilly breeze runs down my spine when I remember the branding season. Dancing ponies and bucking calves trot through my mind, cowboys I'm thinking about along with cowboy horses, gentle and stout. Dreaming, ever dreaming about the cowboy life I want to live. Forever. On the open range. Or in the mountain brush. My mind cannot escape. I can't escape from the want to be surrounded by horses and cattle, cowboys and cowboy-girls, bunkhouses and barns, ranch lands and mountains, rivers and cool canyon creeks. . . but I'm here. In a desk. In a building. In a city. Until the day when I can run free again...

I appreciate school, but I prefer horses :)


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